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Regardless of profit, nonprofit, intranet, you are free to link to this website. However, the links from the following types of websites to this website are strictly prohibited;

  • -Website that slanders Elecom or its product/service
  • -Website that contains pornographic contents
  • -Website that contains unlawful contents or is involved with or may be involved with unlawful activities

Refusing to accept any ideas on this website

Elecom do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, memos, graphics, concepts, and other suggestions (referred to below as ‘ideas’) from you through this website to avert the possibility that unannounced products and services originally developed by Elecom might seem to resemble or related to ideas submitted to Elecom. If such submissions are still made, despite the above mentioned policy;

  • -Elecom will not be obligated to comply with confidential obligations for such ideas
  • -Elecom will not be obligated to consider, evaluate or adopt such ideas
  • -In case Elecom adopts a product or service that may be identical or similar in whole or in part to the submitted idea, Elecom shall not be held responsible by the submitter of the idea including payment of compensation.